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MCLDDV-103 (Online Section)

MCLDDV-128C (AM & PM Section)

Early Care & Education Preschool Parenting Course
Community Education
Section Designed for parents of preschool aged-children in MJC's Early Care & Education Programs



Basic Tenets of Early Childhood Education including Guides to Speech and Action

“Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!”  

What Do You Say to "That's So Gay"

Let's Give Babies a Chance

Fingerplays and Songs

Meet Pam 

     PamPam has been facilitating courses at Modesto Junior College since fall 1999. Her typical courses include the Preschool Lab Practicum, Child Growth and Development (online), Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children, and facilitating the parenting course for the families enrolled at Me-Wuk Child Development Lab Preschool.  The work in the preschool practicum is especially rewarding while interacting with the student teachers, the children, and their families. She briefly attended MJC as a student on her journey to CSU Stanislaus. She received her Masters of Science degree at CSU Stanislaus where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate work in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling. Her associate’s degree in Child Development was completed at Grossmont Community College in San Diego.  "Ahorita, estoy entiendo como hablar y escribir español con el ayuda de muchos maestros!"

     "My devotion to the field of child development began to emerge when I was pregnant with my first child, Jess, and while taking a child growth and development course. It was with the birth of my second child, Blayne, that I began to truly understand the uniqueness of each person, the incredible, wonderful dynamics of siblings, and the continued delights of my favorite job, parenting! This passion has continued to grow for the last 30 plus years and I only have to look into the eyes of my children or another child to remind me of the wonders of life.

    When not at work, I love spending time with friends and my family including my friend and husband, Mike, and my two amazing and fun adult children. Also, I immensely enjoy reading, playing with my sweet dogs, Cloey and Sakima, our cat, Sydney, and kittens, Umari and Talulah, camping, kayaking, exercising (ran my first half marathon with my husband and daughter in Carlsbad and my first two marathons in Modesto!), and traveling! Gardening is my therapy and I love to indulge at least one a week in hot tamales (the candy) and popcorn."